3D Collective

3D Collective is an online community of information, training and resources. A meeting point where the Arch Viz and computer graphics industry have a collaborative space where they can develop their professional skills.

With this initiative, we are looking to shift the way we learn, and the way that we teach, questioning the traditional methodologies and encouraging all to be more curious.

Under Adán Martín’s direction, in 3D Collective you will find our blog, news, an extended library of free tutorials and a web store with paid resources, all destined to develop and optimize the work of our users.

Welcome to the collective.

Founder/ Creative Director


Adán Martín is 3D professional specialized in animation, with over 17 years of combined experience both in Arch Viz and as a photographer.

Being an avid researcher and developer, in 2014 he starts his Youtube channel Adán Marín Tutorials ( nowadays with over 38,000 users worldwide) where he is committed to sharing his knowledge and learnings to both enthusiast and professionals of the the 3D community.

Teaching is his true passion, thus he’s actively involved in the reinvention of the learning process and is a strong advocate for the use of creative learning in the 3D industry.

He’s been a speaker at mayor industry events such as: Render it and 3D Symposium and has provided training to worldwide renowned companies such as: Ekoomedia, Foster and Partners, Kilograph, among others.

Co founder and Director of Operations


Carla Jovine, has a degree in Advertising and Communications and is a film producer with over 10 years of experience developing award winning film projects both in the Dominican Republic and in Spain.

In 2015 she reshaped her career path and co-founded 3D Collective, a Spain based online platform that focuses on training and providing resources to the Arch Viz community. Is here where she combines her interest in the creative process, her passion for aesthetics and her ability to develop and manage creative projects.

As a newcomer to the industry she brings a fresh insight based on the power of communication and storytelling. She firmly believes that collaboration is the key to success of any industry.

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