What is 3D Collective and how witl this affect the future of the youtube channel?

If you wish to know more about what 3d Collective is, and the reasons why we started this web site, you can visit our blog post where we answer this question in a more extent and detailed manner.

What computer do you have?

-Asus X99-PRO/USB3.1
-Intel i7 5960x @ 4.4Ghz
-Gigabyte GeForce Titan X Xtreme OC
-64Gb Ram DDR4
-Noctua NH-D15
-Samsung 850 Evo SSD Series 500GB SATA3 x2
-Seasonic X-850 850W 80 Plus Gold Modular
-Fractal Design – Define S

When and how did you started to make 3D?

My interest for 3D began approximately around 15 years ago, in the middle of the 90’s, a product of my fascination with technology and videogames. My first software was 3D Studio, and I haven’t stop using it ever since.

How did you learned 3D?

In the year 2001 i was in a digital animation master, but must of my training is self taught with books, internet, and above all, a lot of work and curiosity for this passionate world.

Why do you make tutorials?

I love to learn and to teach. I started the channel as an experiment to know if my way of learning and teaching would result interesting to others, and the support of the community has been impressive. My YouTube channel is my way of giving back, to what i hope is the beginning of a change in the way we learn and teach in our industry and also to unleash my passion for teaching.

What program and microphone do you use to record your tutorials?

I use Camtasia Studio and the microphone is Yeti USB from “Blue microphones”

Can i share your tutorials on my Web/Blog/ Social Network?

Of course you can!. The purpose of these tutorials is to share knowledge, just put a link to the original source or to my webpage and I’ll be delighted that you share it on your site.

Can i ask for a tutorial on a specific subject?

I would love to listen to any suggestion, however, I cannot guaranty that I will cover the specific subject you request, it will depend on lots of factors.

Can i send you my work so that you can give me your opinion and help get better in my craft?

Even though I try to answer every consult in my Facebook page, each day is getting difficult because of the increasing volume of request, eventually I wont be able to respond all of them.. Luckily, you have a your disposal the 3D Collective Facebook group, where I’ll be actively participating and where other uses can help you with any problem you have.

Why do you make your tutorials in Spanish?, Will you translate them into other languages?

My tutorials are in Spanish because I think there is a growing need in our Spanish speaking community, also there is plenty of learning material available in other languages.

I would like to translate my tutorials, but right now I don’t have the necessary time to tackle that task, if you’re interested in contributing with subtitles, drop us a line at info@3dcollective.es and we’ll be happy to give you the necessary files.

Can i contribute to your channel by donating money in any way?

The YouTube channel is, and always will be free, it is not in my plans to incorporate a donating system . If you like the work that we do on the channel and wish to show your support, you can invest in any of the professional products you can find at the store in www.3dcollective.es

What render engine do you recommend, CPU or GPU?

All of the render engines available at the market right now offer very similar results in terms of quality and performance. The only way to be able to decide which one is best for you, is to test a few of them, and decide which one is a best fit for your work system and your necessities . The same goes to the decision on CPU and GPU, the only way to know which one of them is better is by observing which one solves the necessities of your work/studio. It seems that the future of Render is GPU, because of its synergy with path tracing motors but can never be 100% sure of the next step in technology . There is no render engine better than other, try a few of them and decide which one works best for you.

I don’t use 3D Studio Max, do you plan on making tutorials for another platforms like Maya, C4D, etc?

The most important thing of my tutorials, are not the buttons that we use, but the fundamental concepts that we develop in order to do so. These fundamental concepts are universal and common to any 3D application in the market, so must of my tutorials can be extrapolated to other software. I don’t plan to cover any other platforms at the moment.

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