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After developing a scanning method for our Interior 3D Plants Pack that allows us to obtain high quality textures and PBR materials, we continue to advance our quest of creating realistic 3D vegetation.

The next challenge is the creation of complex trees, with scanned trunks and leaves, to achieve true-to-life results. In this pack you will find 4 different variations of an olive tree scanned using photogrammetry, with a standardized PBR material system, so that they work in any project and circumstance, and a version of each model with a reduced number of polygons.


  • 4 High Poly 3D models of Olive trees scanned with between 2.3 and 4.2 million polygons
  • 4 Mid Poly 3D models of Olive trees scanned with between 1.3 and 2.7 million polygons
  • 20 8K and 4K Textures
  • Compatible with V-Ray, Corona and OBJ


A fundamental aspect for 3D vegetation to look realistic is detailed modeling that respects the anatomy of natural trees and contains enough detail to create the illusion of reality.

There are several specialized applications for modeling plants in 3D such as GrowFX or SpeedTree. However, manual modeling combined with photogrammetric scanning often offers the ability to model details that are not possible with these automated tools. In this pack we have taken a photogrammetrically scanned trunk model and combined it with procedural modeling with GrowFX and a lot of manual modeling to make the trees look their best.

The scanned trunk model has been generated from approximately 1,000 50-megapixel photographs to obtain the finest detail, resulting in a 60 million polygon model, which has subsequently been projected onto another low-poly model to make it work smoothly on any project.


To achieve realistic results it is important to capture true-to-life information. In the case of vegetation, it is essential to accurately capture at least these 4 data from real trees in order to guarantee good results:

  • Albedos scanned and calibrated
  • Accurate normal maps
  • Color maps without reflections Front and Back of the sheets

Cross-polarized 2-sided albedo maps and high-precision normal maps

When taking photographs, in order to recreate in 3D the behavior of light when it falls on the leaves of plants, a technique is necessary that allows the separation of specular reflections from diffuse reflections. For this we have resorted to Cross Polarization, a technique that allows us to scan both components separately, thus avoiding reflections in our albedo, which allows us to have very realistic leaves.

All the normal maps in this pack have been obtained using Photometric Stereo, which provides a very realistic relief compared to other 3D plant models where the normal albedo map is extracted, this, together with the Roughness map, allows for a very realistic results in the speculars.

Images created with this product

Everything mentioned above allows us to create very high quality 3D trees. In this gallery you can see examples of the results you can get with these models.

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For download: Given the high resolution of the models of this Pack, the download files up to 2GB, depending on the internet connection the download of this pack may vary:

ADSL   100Mbit/s  =  2min
ADSL     24Mbit/s  =  8min
ADSL       2Mbit/s  =  1h 32min

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