Surface Imperfection Pack 02

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Pack with 81 surface imperfection textures that includes:
Fingers and Smudges
Dirt Masks
Misc textures (Metal, Dust…)


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1 single user

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This license allows the use of textures by an individual (1 user). It can also be used commercially if the user generates up to €100,000.00 per year in annual gross revenue, according to the latest available fiscal report. If this threshold is exceeded, the STUDIO license must be used.


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Up to 20 Users

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This license allows the use of textures by a company of up to 20 users. This license cannot be used by a company with a turnover of more than €2,000,000.00 per year. If this threshold is exceeded, a custom license must be used. In order to get it please contact us at info@3dcollective,es

Pack 02 of 100% tileable Surface imperfection Textures 8K 16bpc

After the success of our first texture pack, we have decided to launch a new package that complements and improves the previous one with new solutions to create materials and apply them to our 3D models.

With this product you can create realistic materials using dirt and stain textures in high resolution (8K) that allow you to appreciate all types of variations in the smallest detail such as scratches, finger marks, stains, relief, etc.

Pack 02 contains 81 unique, seamless textures (detailed PDF DOWNLOAD with all textures included) from 8K at 16bpc without compression divided into categories ready to use in creating materials with any rendering engine.


These types of maps are designed to help you generate the subtle imperfections that can be seen in the specular of your objects resulting from daily use. Things like small random stains, finger marks, subtle scuffs, etc. They can be used to give an extra touch of realism to a glass cup, add credibility to the mirrors of a stainless steel or make a plastic look more complex and realistic.
To facilitate the use and versatility of these maps, in the pack we have included the original roughness version as well as a normalized version so that you can calibrate it to your liking, both in 16bpc.


In this pack we have decided to separate the different types of masks so that the user can mix them with greater freedom and control. Scratches are ideal for simulating slightly more worn surfaces, where the passage of time has already caused indentations in the surface. They can also be very interesting to emulate the specularities of metal surfaces or tears on paint or wood.


If previous textures were designed to emulate the surface imperfections of materials, masks are intended to be used, for example, to mix two materials, add random dirt, add dirt or mud, etc.

Misc – Metal – Dust

In this category we have included various textures that can be used at different stages of the shading process, such as metallic or powder masks that can add different details to our materials.

100% Seamless

All textures in the pack are 100% seamless, allowing us to repeat our masks without the risk of sharp seams or edges appearing on our material, so we can focus on the creative part of material creation.

High resolution textures

When we have textures with very fine details such as scratches or small marks on the surface of a material, it is essential to have high resolution images. This has been one of the great challenges of this second texture pack, where we have decided to use 8K maps exclusively to guarantee that all the details are present in our textures and we can use them successfully in our materials. Furthermore, we have tried to make the textures represent a relatively large area in the real world (30-50cm) so as not to have very repeated patterns.

Create your own mask combinations

As all the textures are 100% seamless, you can combine them without problems to obtain even more variations. Combine scratches with stains, add or subtract various textures with different blending modes in Photoshop, the possibilities are enormous.

Images where these textures have been used


Purchase both packs and get 30% off the total price (without offer) of both products will automatically be applied to you.

See Imperfection Surface Pack 01

NOTE for download: This pack includes large .zip files (maximum 4.7 GB) whose download time may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection

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