Introduction to OSL on 3DS MAX

11 March ,2024 / Materials, Texture

Discover the possibilities of the Open Shading Language (OSL) in the creation of textures and materials within 3D Studio Max.

In this introductory tutorial, we will explore practical exercises from the very basics, addressing common challenges in the ArchViz space. Through these practices, you will become familiar with the capabilities of OSL, allowing you to expand control over your textures and materials compared to conventional MAX tools.

We also invite you to delve deeper into this methodology through the Autodesk OSL Tutorials.



Applications of 3D Studio MAX OSL in the creation of textures and materials

  • What is the OSL? A mathematical view of images
  • Essential variables within OSL (Float Value, Color Value, Integer Value, Vector Value etc.)
  • Mathematical operations with these values
  • Operations with textures
  • UVW Coordinates transformation exercises starting from BitmapLookup
  • UVW Transform Node
  • Tiling with random values to generate complex and varied textures
  • Practical exercise on using OSL to create displacement maps

*This video is recorded in Spanish, you can activate YouTube’s automatic subtitles to follow it in other languages

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