Advanced Vray Metal Materials with Dirt Textures

02 July ,2024 / Materials, V-Ray

Following the release of our Surfarce Imperfection Pack 02, we have decided to create a tutorial on how to apply these textures in the creation of advanced materials. In this tutorial we are going to focus on creating metallic materials in V-Ray (all concepts are also applicable to Chaos Corona). We will see how to simulate metal surfaces with different levels of wear or dirt in a way that is very faithful to reality, even in close-ups, through the subtle incorporation of imperfections to our metal surface.

We will study the different mappable parameters in metallic materials that help us control the different types of imperfections or wear such as:

  • Diffuse or based color
  • Glossiness or Roughness
  • Bump or relief
  • Reflection anisotropy

We will also study the advanced application of dirt masks and different mapping tools such as VRay Dirt and VRay Curvature to determine in which areas our textures are applied based on the geometry of the objects.



Creating advanced metal materials with dirt textures

  • Explanation of how dirt or blemish textures work in V-Ray
  • Creation of a stainless steel
  • Reflection Roughness Parameter
  • Normalized version of the texture
  • Description of the different parameters mappable to metals
  • Using Triplanar Texture to control imperfections
  • Use of masks
  • VRay Dirt and VRay Curvature
  • Dust accumulation with Fallof

*The video is recorded in Spanish. Activate subtitles to see it in your language.

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