HDRI Sky – Real Light for 3D scenes

Achieve natural, realistic lighting without wasting time on adjustments

Our high resolution (16K) calibrated HDRI skies will allow you to achieve photorealistic results with an efficient and consistent workflow. Get the lighting you are looking for for the images of your 3D projects in any render engine.

Packs of 24 HDRI skies

Save up to €185 with our packs of 24 high-resolution calibrated HDRI skies. Skies photographed at different times of the year with a full dynamic range and 180º horizons free of intrusive elements.

HDRI skies specially designed for ArchVIZ professionals

Photorealistic images are highly demanded both in architectural visualization and in product or automotive rendering. These increasingly professional industries require very demanding results in terms of quality and delivery times. Our HDRi have been created to make it easy to reach these high standards consistently and effectively.

Communicate what you need with your architecture projects

Our skies photographed at different times, seasons of the year and atmospheric situations will allow you to choose among many variants of lighting and artistic solutions for your images.

Perfect results without manual settings

3D Collective’s HDRIs have full dynamic range for true exposure and luminosity values without having to modify anything in the file.

Realistic lighting

Our HDRi have been calibrated for accurate color and color temperature. This allows you to work with the consistency and control of a real life photographer.

Independent control of the sky and elements of your scene

Having skies with 180º horizons free of intrusive elements (trees, buildings, nearby mountains) is important so that unwanted elements are not introduced into the lighting of your scene. In this way, we can have independent control over the sky and include, with our own criteria, the elements that we want to appear on the horizon.

Discover our collection of 72 HDRi skies

HDRI Night

Introduce in your scenes the natural night lighting that remains in the celestial dome after sunset. Perfect to combine it with artificial light.

HDRI Sunny

Achieve the most realistic contrast and shadow hardness of sunny days in different seasons of the year.

HDRI Cloudy

Get a great wealth of nuances in the lighting of your scenes thanks to the different cloud formations.

Why choose 3D Collective HDRI?

We develop premium solutions for the most demanding customers

The goal of 3D Collective is to help unify and professionalize the community of Architectural Visualization artists and enthusiasts. Since 2016 we have distributed dozens of specialized training tutorials in ArchViz for free. Around this material, and our paid products, the great collaborative community that is today 3D Collective has been created.

This deep understanding of the ArchViz industry allows us to understand the needs that creators encounter. For this reason, all our products have been carefully developed to meet these needs and offer consistent solutions with guaranteed premium quality.

Our HDRi are the result of hundreds of hours of dedication, from the R&D stage to final testing, and have become, due to their wide use, a lighting standard for Architectural Visualization artists.

Some images illuminated with our HDRi



Learn step by step to light with HDRI (only available in Spanish)

All our HDRI skies

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